If you have a larger balance than anticipated and are expecting aid, first, check to see if you have completed all of the required financial aid documents. Log into your Financial Aid portal here to confirm.

Refunds: The Calendar of Student Account Events provides specific, upcoming semester activity dates.

NOTE: If required financial aid or third party documents are not received before tuition due dates, students are responsible for the required payments and applicable fees. 

Summer 2022

  • April  11: Official account statements available
  • May 2: Tuition due
  • May 16: Classes begin
  • May 28: Drop period closes. Students who have not paid tuition or are not on an approved payment plan will be assessed a late fee of $200

Fall 2022

  • July 1: Official account statements available and payment plans open
  • August 12: Tuition due, drop period closes. Students who have not paid tuition or are not on a approved payment plan will be assessed a late fee of $200
  • August 29: Classes begin
  • September 2: Last day to change meal plan

When students drop or withdraw from classes, only certain credit for the total tuition commitment can be granted based on the above credit adjustment schedule. A credit adjustment is not necessarily a refund. If the credit is greater than the amount due, the difference is refunded to the student. If the credit is less than the amount due, the difference must be paid by the student.

Students whose tuition was paid all or in part from financial aid funds will have all or a portion of the refund restored to the aid program; therefore, students may not be eligible for a cash refund. A student’s account that has a credit balance from financial aid/loans is automatically refunded.

Our payment policies and schedules are posted in the Academic Planning Guides and Catalogs, so you may make informed decisions about your education,  payment plans and your options. Any charges unpaid by the statement due date will result in a hold on your account, a hold on your transcript requests and will prevent registration activity. Late fees in the amount of $200 will be assessed on the past due balance. 

Refunds through BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank
Madonna University has partnered with Bank Mobile, a financial services company, to manage refunds with new options for processing. All refunds are processed through Bank Mobile. To view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank, click here

New main campus students who have their Social Security number and photograph on file will receive a Madonna One card ID within three weeks following enrollment for their first semester. New satellite students, will be mailed an ID card.

We accept debit, cash or check at the Student Accounts service window. Credit cards are accepted online only. A 2.75% service fee and a .50¢ per transaction charge apply to all credit card payments. We accept  American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard.

To avoid late payment fees, please pay your tuition by the due date. A reminder that payment is due will be sent to your Madonna email account. We do not mail invoices. Your payment amounts can be found on MY Portal. If you are eligible for financial aid, but have not accepted your award  prior to the billing due date, you are required to pay the minimum advance payment by the due date.

Payment may be made through the direct crediting of a financial aid award to the student’s account, provided that the award is sufficient to cover the required advance minimum payment. This plan excludes university work-study awards. Students with an insufficient amount of financial aid to cover the minimum advance payment are required to pay the difference by the invoice due date. Students who have not received their official award notice prior to the billing close date are also required to pay the minimum advance payment when due.