The mission of academic advising is to facilitate a process of educational inquiry that by intention and design promotes the intellectual, personal, and social development of students.

By providing proactive advising and programming, we encourage and empower students to formulate realistic academic plans, explore professional and career options, and engage in meaningful decision-making, all in an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive.

What is advising and what do we do?

Each student is assigned support staff and faculty based on his or her chosen path of study. Every student is first assigned a Retention Specialist- who you have as your Retention Specialist is based on the college that houses your chosen path of study. Students may also be assigned a faculty advisor- this can happen as soon as you are admitted or later in your college career, again, depending on your chosen path of study. Academic Advisors and Retention Specialists assist new and current students by:

  • Formulating a plan that outlines their academic path and monitoring academic progress
  • Interpreting institutional policies and procedures
  • Recommending opportunities for personal growth and academic development
  • Providing referrals to institutional and community resources and support when academic and non-academic challenges arise
  • Discussing alternatives when there are doubts concerning choice of major or career, or when admission is not granted to the chosen major

There are many valuable resources to which an academic advisor might refer you throughout your college journey. Please feel free to explore some of the resources that might be helpful to you:

Academic Programs Catalogs Four-Year Cycle of Courses
Assesments/Placement Exams Course Schedule Study Abroad
Career Development Credit-by-exam Transfer Guides