A Fund of Unrestricted Dollars from Alumni, Local Businesses, Foundations, and Others

The Madonna Fund is a fund of unrestricted dollars consisting of generous tax-deductible donations by alumni, local businesses, foundations, and others. As a financial tool and a comforting support system, the Madonna Fund is the best asset we have for supporting day-to-day operations and scholarships that aren’t earmarked for designated programs.

Support for the Madonna Fund has launched new programs and services that aid and give hope to hundreds of Madonna students. Examples include the Deaf Family Literacy program which helps families with Deaf children learn sign language and the Mosaic Leadership Academy.

The Madonna Fund also affords the Center for Catholic Studies and Interfaith Dialogue program the opportunity to share Catholic principles of showing respect and dignity for all humans through meaningful events.

Madonna Crusaders Athletics program and the successful student-athletes it produces also benefits from donations to the Madonna Fund. Through athletics, students from various backgrounds come together around the common goals of succeeding in sports and in the classroom.

Since 1937 members of the Madonna University community have worked to continue the legacy of the Felician Sisters. Their visionary leadership, our Franciscan values, and the good work of alumni, professors, staff and friends, have shaped our traditions, sustained our success and prepared us for the future.

Madonna graduates apply their knowledge and skills in meaningful service to change the lives of others, while excelling in their own professions. Your support of the Madonna Fund helps make a Madonna education possible for so many.

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Student Testimonial

Homeschooled until she walked onto Madonna’s campus, Annette was awarded a Legacy Scholarship that’s supported by the Madonna Fund.

“When I first went to college I was afraid it would be a tough transition. But on my very first day of classes I sat in the front row and I felt like I had always been there. Madonna is a tight-knit community – my home away from home. Without the Legacy Scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as I have.”

Annet Oziem - Girl with glasses

Major: English
Minor: Speech Communications