Madonna University Welcomes You!

We are excited to support you in your important role guiding students into the next stage of their lives. On this page we have resources and links to provide you with the information you need about Madonna University. There is also a link to sign up for a group tour if you are interested in bringing a group of your students to campus.

We invite you to create a profile on Slate.org! Being in Slate grants you access to see which of your students have applied to Madonna University and what their admission status is. Additionally, you’re able to share their transcript directly with us through this platform. 



undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees and certifications.


of the student body receives scholarships and grants.


Men's & Women's varsity teams.


Students interested in applying for undergraduate admission to Madonna University are required to submit the following:

  • Complete the online application for undergraduate admissions
  • Official high school transcript (final transcript after graduation with graduation date posted)
  • ACT/SAT score(s), if applicable
  • AP, IB test score(s), if applicable
  • Dual Enrollment/college transcript, if applicable

Below you can find documents that we provide to students on visits to our campus or at college fairs.  We encourage you to use these in order to learn more about Madonna and to share with your students!

We’ve included them here for your use to download and even print out in your office! 



Below is more information on Campus Life, Student Organizations, and Community Service opportunities. 

MU Michigan Map

A great education is closer than you think!

Ann Arbor – 30 minutes
Chicago, IL – 4.5 hours
Detroit – 30 minutes
Grand Rapids – 2.4 hours
Kalamazoo – 2 hours
Lansing – 1.3 hours
Toledo, OH – 1.1 hours
Traverse City – 4 hours

Schedule an Individual Visit

Call the Office of Undergrad Admissions at 734-432-5339

Madonna University Visits You

If you are unable to travel to campus, keep in mind that Madonna University travels in the fall and spring to high schools and cities.