Thanking those who support you

Each year over 1,000 individuals and organizations donate to Madonna University with a desire to advance the University's mission and to help students succeed. One focus of our work in the Office of Advancement is to show appreciation for those who support Madonna.

You may have been directed to this page to thank someone who has supported you directly through a scholarship.  Please review the following ways you can thank that individual, family or organization for their willingness to help you fund your education.

1. Record and submit a thank you video - this is extremely meaningful to the benefactor because they get to see and hear you express your gratitude. To thank a donor via video, please do the following:

  • Tell the donor:
    • Who you are
    • Where you're from
    • What you're studying
    • Why you selected Madonna
    • What your career aspirations are after graduating
    • What the scholarship means to you
  • Record the video in a quiet, well lit room
  • Remove any hats that might cast a shadow on your face
  • Wear Madonna clothing if you have any
  • Hold the camera horizontal / in landscape mode
  • Have notes handy / prepare your comments ahead of time
  • Smile!!!

2. Write a hand written thank you note - donors love this because it shows you took the time to appropriately thank them.  Please remember to:

  • Write legibly on your personal stationery, or on printable Madonna University letterhead 
  • Address the supporter directly, i.e Dear Mrs. Smith - contact the Office of Advancement if you need help or clarification
  • Tell the donor who you are, where you're from, what you're studying, why you selected Madonna and what your career aspirations are after graduating
  • Proofread - you communicate your intelligence with correct grammar and spelling
  • Letters with errors or little content will result in asking for the letter to be re-submitted
  • Sign the letter with one of the following phrases:
    • Sincerely
    • Warm Regards
    • Yours Truly
    • With Sincere Thanks


Please mail your handwritten thank you note or submit your video:

  • Mail to JoAnne Chapman at the address below
    • Madonna University - Office of Advancement
    • 36600 Schoolcraft Road
    • Livonia, MI 48150
  • Email video to JoAnne Chapman
    • jmchapman@madonna.edu 
    • Give JoAnne a call to ensure it was received - 734-432-5589
    • Sometimes the file size prohibits an attachment from successfully sending
    • If you'd need to text the video, please call JoAnne to discuss