About Us

The Madonna University Alumni Board is a group of committed alumni who provide counsel and support to Madonna University through outreach, engagement, and fundraising efforts in conjunction with the University’s Office of Advancement.

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We're seeking a diverse group of enthusiastic alumni to serve on our Alumni Board starting in Fall 2024. Learn more about the application process below.

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Reasons to Join

  • The good feeling of giving back and sharing your time and talents with the Madonna University community
  • Opportunities to interact with University students, administrators and leaders
  • Learn about and provide input on new and upcoming initiatives
  • Professional development, networking and resumé building experiences

Application Process

All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be interviewed by members of the Alumni Board and the Office of Advancement before being voted upon at a future Alumni Board meeting. Nominations are kept on file for 5 years.

Responsibilities and Activities

  • Serve as external ambassadors and help plan and attend University events
  • Recruit and organize volunteers
  • Provide alumni perspectives
  • Participate in committees such as Membership, Events, or Fundraising
  • Interact with and mentor students


We are looking for alumni who are enthusiastic about Madonna University and its mission and who are eager to promote the University and to help strengthen the ties of alumni to their Alma Mater. We seek a variety of skills. Desirable candidates will be prepared to actively participate in the work of the Board, be open to hearing different perspectives, and be respected members of the community who are willing to partner with the University.

All Alumni Board members will be encouraged to make an annual donation to Madonna University, ranging from $5 to $50. Gifts may be designated to an area or program of the donor’s choosing. Our goal is to have 100 percent participation by members of the Alumni Board.

Board members will serve for two-year or three-year terms and will represent the diversity of alumni in such areas as: graduation year, major, profession, college activities, skill set and geographic location. Board members will meet several times per year.