Madonna COVID-19 Metrics 

We are committed to being transparent about COVID-19 cases at Madonna. The metrics below, as reported to the Chief Health Officer, will be updated weekly.

Week of Nov. 15-Nov. 21

  14 - Confirmed positive cases

100 - Tested

  10 - Isolating oncampus

  4 - Isolating off campus

Fall 2020 Cumulative Totals

121 -  Confirmed positive cases

1,136 -Tested

COVID-19 Self-Screening App

Madonna University is excited to partner with ReturnSafe to provide an easy way to self-screen.
ReturnSafe App Overview and FAQ

There is also a web-based option for visitors or if you don't have a Smartphone:
Web-based ReturnSafe

Campus COVID-19 Update

Update: November 16, 2020

Yesterday, Madonna University received notification from Governor Whitmer through Robert Gordon, director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, that new restrictions will be in place for the State of Michigan until Tuesday, December 8, 2020. The plan is “Pause to Save Lives” and implements practical restrictions while permitting other functions of our everyday lives.

The University has prepared for this inevitability. With thorough COVID-19 planning this year and with the support of our distance learning technologies, we will be able to provide quality instruction during these temporary restrictions.

Madonna is making the following adjustments to its COVID-19 response plan beginning Wednesday, November 18, 2020: 

  1. Academic classes will be delivered remotely until further notice. Some classes, such as clinicals and labs, may meet in person under certain restrictions.
  1. The Library will remain open, but it must not exceed 30 percent of total occupancy limits established by the State Fire Marshal. The Spirit Store will remain open under the guidelines for retail establishments.
  1. Students in the residence halls shall be able to remain and the University will provide daily maintenance and food service for the remainder of the semester.
  1. Athletics will be paused for the remainder of the semester. 
  1. Official University activities and gatherings will be suspended until December 8, 2020. Faculty and staff may gather in groups of less than ten people for the purpose of educational activities with proper masking and social distancing.
  1. Students, faculty, staff, and other members of our community must continue to maintain social distancing practices adherent to the Madonna University COVID-19 policies and procedures. Daily screenings on the ReturnSafe App will be monitored more strictly and closely..

We must continue to be responsible and live our Franciscan-Felician values every day. We must lift-up and pray for our front-line workers who are dedicating each day to providing services so we may live. We also stand in support of Governor Whitmer and her desire to use responsible government toward protecting the state and fighting this deadly virus. We owe a debt of gratitude for her efforts to enable us to collaborate with her to find mutual solutions. 

Madonna University is committed to the return of normal activities and understands that the best way is to adhere to the restrictions and guidelines provided by health and government departments. We will continue to update our community through notifications on this Coronavirus web page. Students, faculty, or staff who experience symptoms or believe they have been exposed to the virus, should contact the Campus Health Center at ext. 5450 to schedule testing. Let us all continue to pray for our community, state, country, and the world, as we all do our part to defeat COVID-19.

Update: October 9, 2020

The University’s COVID-19 safety protocols outlined in the Madonna Cares Plan below have had a positive effect on the safety of our University community as evidenced by last week’s report of no new cases (see side bar report and related graph). We will continue these safety measures and use of the ReturnSafe contact tracing app in compliance with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services October 5, 2020 Emergency Order.

Update: September 7, 2020

Madonna University is committed to the safety of its students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community, and to the transparency of its reports related to the University’s COVID-19 statistics. The data shown here reflects the current situation, as reported to the Chief Health Officer, as well as the trend over time. These statistics will be updated before the end of the day each Monday (or Tuesday if Monday lands on a holiday).

Trends of COVID-19 for Fall 2020 week12

Explanation of Reported COVID-19 Numbers

Confirmed positive cases: This is the total number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases reported to the Chief Health Officer each week.

Tested:  This is the number of individuals who were tested at Madonna, or who provided documentation that they were tested off campus, reported to the Chief Health Officer each week.

Isolating on campus:  This is the number of individuals who received a positive test result and who were directed to isolate on campus by the Chief Health Officer during each week. Note that this does not include individuals who were requested to temporarily quarantine due to reported symptoms while waiting for test results.

Isolating off campus: This is the number of individuals who received a positive test result and who were directed to isolate off campus by the Chief Health Officer during each week. Note that this does not include individuals who were requested to temporarily quarantine due to reported symptoms while waiting for test results.

The cumulative totals for confirmed positive cases and tested are from the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester through the end of the most recent week reported.

Madonna University Campus Reopening Plan

Stay up-to-date on campus operations and health advisories related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) here.

Update: August 3, 2020
At Madonna University, we are committed to a safe return to campus, and the health and safety of our students, staff, faculty, and all in the campus community remains our top priority. Following the requirements from the federal, state, and county health departments, and the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and with input from eight University workgroups, a campus reopening plan has been developed to safely return to the University’s Livonia and Southfield campuses for the Fall Semester 2020.

In the spirit of St. Francis, the Madonna community is ready for another semester of respecting one another, caring for the environment, working for peace and justice, and pursuing education for truth and service. To that end, we are prepared to adapt swiftly to developments in the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what happens, rest assured that the Mission of Madonna University will be accessible for all.

We will continue to communicate regularly with the campus community through this webpage and email regarding any updates to the plan. 

Campus Reopening Plan Details - August 3, 2020


A Message To Our Alumni and Friends

Healthcare Heroes

from President Michael A. Grandillo

We are lifted up by our more than 50,000 alumni, friends, and religious members around the world who support us and send us their prayers. And I can tell you this: Madonna community members, especially alumni nurses, police officers; first responders, social workers, doctors, researchers, teachers, volunteers, and community activists, are doing everything they can in this fight against the virus. Even our nursing faculty members work in COVID-19 units on weekends. These heroic Crusaders embody the Madonna spirit and inspire generosity and commitment.

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Students and Faculty Resources for Online Course Delivery

Online resources are available on the Portal for students under the Students tab, and faculty under the Faculty tab. Visit MY Portal for details.

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Staff Resources for Working Remotely

Online tools and resources are available on the Portal for employees under the Employee Help tab. Visit MY Portal for details.

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