First phase of construction encompasses Franciscan Values

August 14, 2019

image from construction aug 1 2019The first few months of construction on the Madonna University Welcome Center and Felician Sisters of North America Heritage Center and Archives are in the books, and the Franciscan value of “reverence for creation” is evident around the construction site. Site preparation began shortly after the groundbreaking ceremony in May.

What was formerly part of the parking lot and green space, is now many large piles of approximately 6,000 cubic yards of topsoil and about 3,000 cubic yards of pulverized asphalt. These materials are being stored for re-use as the project progresses. This process is more environmentally-friendly than using all-new materials and it’s also more cost-effective.

Within the next week or so, crews are anticipating installing a geothermal heating system, which includes 33 wells to be drilled about 400 feet into the ground. Geothermal heat pumps use the ground as a heat exchanger via a closed-loop water circuit. Because the earth is a constant 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit, this system saves on heating and cooling costs, and reduces the use of fossil fuels. 

Recently, crews have been busy digging the retention pond, at the southwest part of the site closest to Schoolcraft Road, and have installed the drainage system for the parking lot. They have dug out the lower level of the new building, are finishing up water tap connection work, and next week will lay drain tile under the lower level floor before pouring the lower level concrete floor. They are working toward a goal of having the shell of the building complete before the weather changes, so that construction can continue through the winter.


Madonna University and Felician Sisters Break Ground for New Center

May 19, 2019

LIVONIA, MICH. - More than 100 alumni, faculty, staff, and benefactors sloshed through the pouring rain to join Madonna University President Michael Grandillo, the Felician Sisters of North America, and the Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit, as they broke ground to begin construction of a $9 million, 28,000-square-foot Madonna University Welcome Center and Felician Sisters of North America Heritage Center and Archives.




To celebrate Madonna University’s rich heritage and contributions to the community, Madonna University trustees and administrators have developed plans for a Madonna University Welcome Center and Felician Sisters of North America Heritage Center and Archives that will:

  • Be a physical demonstration of the University's commitment to providing a caring, personalized, values-based learning community.
  • Include the Felician Heritage Center, home to the priceless archives of the University’s visionary founders — the Felician Sisters.
  • Significantly enhance how the University recruits new students, celebrates alumni and donors and preserves its Felician history.

Madonna University will utilize the Welcome Center and Felician Sisters Heritage Center and its Great Room for campus visits, art exhibitions, banquets, and large gatherings, which will provide students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to build relationships with members of the diverse southeast Michigan communities in which they live, work, worship, and play.

A Welcome Place to Start


Welcome Center design blueprint

The Welcome Center and Felician Sisters Heritage Center building design is reflective of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Central Italy. It will maintain the Basilica’s sanctuary feeling with an open interior, meandering paths, special repetition of columns, and a center for gathering, reflection and learning.

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Welcome Center courtyard design

The Welcome Center and Felician Sisters Heritage Center will include space for the Felician Heritage Center, exhibition space, a multipurpose space, administrative offices, archives, art gallery, cafe, gardens, and more.


Welcome Center overhead design preview

The Welcome Center and Felician Sisters Heritage Center will blend the past, present, and future, and will serve as a University resource for important work. The success of this campaign will result in a myriad of uses and benefits to a growing and enduring University.

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Smiling Student

The Welcome Center and Felician Sisters Heritage Center will integrate the University's mission and core values, serve as an inviting first point of contact for future students, expand the University's involvement in the community, and add needed space for student fellowship and classwork.

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