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Use of the Technology Learning Center Labs and other campus center labs is limited to Madonna University students, faculty, staff and alumni (persons holding a valid Madonna University Alumni Association card will be granted access on a space-available basis). Consortium students may use the facility for course work currently being pursued at Madonna University with a current Madonna University ID. You must show a Madonna University ID, updated with the current semester’s sticker, in order to use lab facilities. Student ID cards can be updated with the current semester sticker in the Student Services Office, Room 1001 or at the front desk in the computer lab (Room 1104) by showing a class confirmation slip along with your student ID card.

We appreciate your cooperation by not consuming any food or beverages while in the computer lab. Please leave all food and beverages on the table located at the entrance of the lab.

Questions regarding software or hardware should be directed to an on-duty Lab Assistant. On-duty lab assistants will be wearing blue vests.

Lab Assistants are not allowed to do your homework for you! Contact your instructor if you have questions regarding your assignments.

We asked that all cell phones and beepers be turned off or placed on vibrate mode upon entering the computer lab. In order to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning for all students, we ask that you conduct any phone conversations outside of the computer lab.

For your convenience wireless access is available in the computer lab. No personal laptop computers may be attached to any printer or other peripheral in the lab.

According to University policy children are not allowed in any Academic area, including the computer labs.

Internet Access is intended for educational use only. Accessing and displaying offensive, including obscene or pornographic material, and the use of offensive language are expressly forbidden in the Madonna University Technology Learning Center (computer lab). Offenders will be subject to loss of privileges and other disciplinary actions by the Vice President for Student Services. Behavioral misconduct and its consequences are described in the Madonna University Student Handbook.

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