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Advising Guidelines
Use the following guidelines for a productive advising session:

•  An O.D.R. student must disclose their disability characteristic(s) and provide documentation of need.
•  Documentation is used to determine appropriate services.
•  Sign up for an advising session in a timely manner.
•  Failure to sign up in a timely manner may result in denial of service(s).
•  Advising sign-up sheets are posted the day after the semester schedule is released.
•  Arrangements can be made for appointments after 5 p.m.
•  Junior-and senior- level students are given preference to sign up in the first week.
•  Before arriving for your advising session, prepare a tentative class schedule.
•  Use the Bulletin or the Plan of Study arranged with your academic program adviser when deciding your classes.
•  Be in close contact with your academic program advisor for advice and class suggestions.

Please Note: The coordinating of interpreting services is a complex task. Because of the high demand and low availability of quality interpreting services, it is difficult to satisfy all requests. University courses are structured in three-hour time blocks. The O.D.R. is generally able to provide three interpreted courses during those time periods. Any additional interpreting requests for a “filled time period” will be placed on a waiting list and efforts will be made to provide an interpreter.

Counseling and Advising
The O.D.R. employs a full-time adviser who is experienced in working with persons with a disability. Because O.D.R. students major in a variety of academic programs, the advisor is familiar with the curriculum and course requirements for all of the major and minor areas of study offered by Madonna University. The adviser is available to assist students with both academic and personal needs. One of the most important responsibilities of the adviser is to assist students with registration for classes and service requests. The adviser works closely with the O.D.R. student to determine the type of service that creates an appropriate, accessible learning environment.

Eligibility for Services
The Office of Disability Resources (O.D.R.) is responsible for providing reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities on campus. The Madonna University O.D.R. staff is committed to the philosophy of “full integration” of individuals with disabilities in campus life. In order to be eligible for services, students must submit recent documentation of their disability to the office in order to receive an accommodation at the university.

Documentation of Disability

Generally, proper documentation will be through an independent evaluation by a professional familiar with your specific disability. This documentation should be presented on the professional’s letterhead containing the following information:

•  Name and credentials of the evaluator.
•  Where and when the students was seen and for what purpose.
•  A summary of the diagnostic overview.
•  A description of the evaluation method, e.g., tests performed, procedures used, etc.
•  A specific ICD-9-CD or DSM-IV diagnosis (when appropriate).
•  Any relevant history.
•  Prognosis.
•  Recommendations for accommodations.
•  The results or findings of the evaluation, e.g., test scores, or clinically significant observations of the evaluator.
•  A description of the student’s current level of functioning and any substantial physical, psychological, or emotional limitations associated with the impairment underlying the diagnosis.
•  A description of the effect of the disability in an educational setting by explaining the rationale for suggested accommodations linked directly to the disability, including the functional limitations presented.

David Stokes, O.D.R. Adviser
Room 1113E
734-432-5641 TTY
866-204-7685 VP

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