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Transition Center

Our mission is to provide ongoing support to adult learners, transfer students and veterans by offering a welcoming environment, where students can build social relationships with their peers, connect to student resources and participate in student programming.

The center is a great place for veterans and transfer students to access computers, work on assignments, relax between class and connect with their peers.

Some resources and programs sponsored by the Transition Center include:

• Adult and Transfer Student Orientation • College Student Inventory
• Adult Learner Portal Group • Success Coaching
• Military Benefits Certifying Official • Student Veteran Association
• Veteran Support Group • Student Veteran Appreciation Week
• Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Representative       • Study Buddy
• Car Pooling  

The Center for Students in Transition is located in room 1404 in the Main Academic Building.

For more information, please call (734) 432-5740 or e-mail us at