Bridging Lost Gaps

Bridging Lost Gaps (BLG) is a uniquely-powerful mentorship program that provides direction, support, affirmation and success for African-American males as they navigate their path from local inner cities to life at Madonna University and the years beyond.

It was first created to draw young black males out of Detroit and give them ways to overcome negative stereotypes, limited career opportunities and in many cases the tragic life-or-death outcomes that ensnare too many of their peers. The one-on-one mentoring they receive at Madonna shows that faith-based love, acceptance and encouragement develops intellectual, spiritual and personal growth.

The results have been very impactful and positive on black male students, who will go on to graduate from Madonna and go on to serve as leaders in their chosen fields, and as beacons of hope for future students. The affirmative effects have also led to including young men of other races and from cities like Pontiac, Hamtramck, Dearborn and Highland Park. This model has led to positive peer-to-peer education, mutual respect and inclusion for each other through multi-cultural activities.

BLG students gain access to Madonna student resources, career development, financial aid and scholarship support – all in an environment of unity and brotherhood.

Students in the BLG program enjoy a safe, learning-centered college community so that they can reach their full potential. A support network of faculty, staff, and students provides encouragement and mentoring for each student throughout their experience at Madonna University.

Through partnerships with local and national companies, organizations, and governmental groups, this unique program offers meaningful opportunities to learn from industry and community leaders. Each student will complete an internship and can choose to be employed on campus.

Your support of the BLG program will ensure that more young men from underserved areas will have the opportunity to pursue a Madonna education and not only change their lives, but also change the lives of others in their communities and beyond.

Student Testimonial

Jayson Grayson, graduate of Detroit Cass Tech High School, studying Journalism at Madonna. Through the Bridging Lost Gaps’ influence, he launched a bottled-water drive for the residents of Flint, Michigan.

“Once I got into the program I realized college wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be, because of resources that this program provides, the mentorship, the leadership, the brotherhood, the camaraderie, the love. You learn how to be selfless and how to always look out for someone else because in this program so many people look out for you in your life. That makes it natural that you do it for others.”

Madonna Student Jayson Grayson