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Why Study Aging and Older Adulthood at Madonna University?

  • Enhance your career and marketability
  • One of five Michiganders is age 60 or over, and long-term care is the tenth largest employer in the U.S.
  • With support from the federal government, care and services for older adults is a growing segment of the economy
  • Because nearly all industries will encounter or serve older adults
  • Our faculty members are respected professionals who share their experiences and skills in class

This certificate will provide you with knowledge of the multi-faceted aspects of aging, so that you can apply what you learn in the work place to better relate with and to serve clients/customers, and co-workers from a variety of backgrounds and functional abilities. Being informed about aging and older adults will give you an edge in your job search. You will have a better understanding of your own aging, as well as aging family members, in order to advocate for and improve later life experiences. You will also better understand the experience of older co-workers, managers, and clients/customers, and how best to relate to them and meet their needs. Being informed about aging and older adults will give you an edge in the highly competitive job search environment.

Career Opportunities   Employers of Alumni
Criminal Justice   Elder Law Offices
Elder Law   Health Care Settings
Graphic Design   Hospice Centers
Health Insurance   Law Enforcement Agencies
Health Sciences   Long-term Care Settings
Hospice and Palliative Care   Marketing Departments
Marketing   Public Relations Firms
Nursing   Senior Nutrition Programs
Nutrition and Food Service   Social Service Agencies
Social Work   Third Party Administrators