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Why Study History at Madonna University?

  • Excellent preparation for careers in education, government, law, business
  • Study Abroad opportunities
  • Caring, credentialed faculty to mentor you through graduation
  • Flexible scheduling for on-campus and online courses
  • Membership in Phi Alpha Theta, prestigious National History Honor Society

The history major includes an expansive study of historical themes related to American and world history. Through our rigorous and engaging coursework you will learn valuable techniques of analysis, synthesis, inquiry, research and writing that can be applied to a wide variety of career paths. Best of all, you will enjoy exploring the interesting human experiences of many times and places. History also makes a valuable second major to complement your other professional career majors and to prepare you for post-graduate studies, such as Madonna's Masters in History.


Business: management, archival services, market research, travel & tourism

Department of State & Foreign Service

Federal, state and local history and preservation offices

Intelligence Services: Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency

Law offices and legal departments

Museums, historical offices, libraries

Post-graduate professional studies in law school, business and history

Research institutions & philanthropic organizations

Teaching: elementary, secondary, university

*Many positions require advanced degrees. Some also require certification from state or professional boards.