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Why Study Applied Forensic Science Research Cert. at Madonna University?

Students who complete the graduate program are able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Demonstrate a specialized body of knowledge and research competencies required for advanced forensic science research
  • Utilize advanced laboratory techniques for specimen examination
  • Synthesize research in the context of transcultural, ethical/moral, and legal issues pertaining to forensic science study
  • Develop expertise in a selected area of concentration and apply relevant forensic science concepts to this area of investigation
  • Independently apply research methodology and experimental design to answer forensic science research questions

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Forensic Science Research prepares individuals possessing a forensic science background with advanced research competencies to serve as members of an interdisciplinary team in forensic investigations. Individuals will be prepared to conduct complex investigations leveraging their expertise in scientific methods of investigation. This preparation will deepen individuals’ area of field concentration, research skills, and provide the foundation for pursuit of further graduate education in forensic science.