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Guidelines for Completing the Personal Statement
Applicants to the Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology (MSCP) program are required to submit a personal statement. To be most helpful to the Admissions Committee, the statement should explain your rationale for pursuing clinical training. This information will help the committee assess whether an individual appears well-suited to work in this field.

  • What led to your decision to become a psychotherapist?
  • What experiences have you had that have prepared you to seek training in this field?
  • Describe any human service experience or internships that have prepared you to work in mental health or social services.
  • What are your career goals? 
  • Why you are interested in attending the MSCP program at Madonna University?
  • What qualities of the program do you find appealing?
  • Why are you well-suited to our program?
  • Why do you prefer to train from the contemporary psychoanalytic perspective adopted at Madonna University as compared to other perspectives (e.g., behavioral, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, etc.)?
  • What personal qualities or capacities make you well qualified to pursue a career as a therapist?

While many applicants may not know exactly what they would like to do upon completion of the program, they usually have some general ideas. Some may wish to work in a clinic with children while others wish to work in a forensic setting or with older adults. Some students plan to combine their degree with other training or go on to seek a doctorate. Provide as much information as possible about your plans and reasons for them. The admissions committee is particularly interested in determining whether future students are "psychologically minded." This term refers to an individual’s propensity to seek psychological explanations for human behavior and their capacity to do so.

While there are no particular requirements for the length of the statement, as a general guideline, it should be about four double-spaced pages.

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