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Sport Media and Communication Plan of Study

Sport Media and Communication Minor
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Sport Media and Communication Minor


   Minor Courses (21 cr. to be chosen)

      ART 1730   Digital Layout 3 cr.  An introduction to and use of Adobe InDesign for creating clear, creative layouts of visual communications. Students master key program functions, including tools and palettes, in creating digital layouts using Adobe InDesign. 
      BCA 2610   Television Production I (BCA*/COM/JRN) 3 cr.  Basic studio production techniques, including set-up and operation of cameras, microphones, recorders, lights, and control room equipment. Emphasis on hands-on team approach. Recommended for BCA majors during their first year. 
      JRN 2050   Public Relations Writing 3 cr.  Acquaints student with functions of public relations in our society and explains basic theories and principles in publicity writing and placement. 
      SM  2100   Media Relations in Sport (JRN/SM*) 3 cr.  The practical application of various techniques and strategies used in developing good public relations in and through sport. Communications and public relations theories and methods are presented and common public relations issues are analyzed in the professional, intercollegiate, and commercial sport industries. 
      SM  3910   Internship 1 cr. (Not To Exceed 4 cr.)   

      Minor electives (6 cr. to be chosen)

         ART 1720   Digital Imaging 3 cr.  An introduction to the uses of Adobe Illustrator. Students master key Adobe Illustrator program functions, including tools and palettes, in creating digital images. In this course students create projects that demonstrate a clear understanding of these digital visual communication tools. 
         BCA 2810   Field Production and Editing I (BCA*/JRN) 3 cr.  Introduction to basic concepts and practices of single camera field production, including directing theory, camera technique, sound, lighting, and editing. Preferred prerequisite or corequisite: BCA 2610 or permission of instructor. 
         JRN 4010   Mass Communication (BCA/COM/JRN*) 3 cr.  Theory of behavior in communications in general and the mass media in particular. The design and evaluation of public opinion studies and research topics in communications with emphasis on the effects that the various media have had on consumers. Required for students seeking teaching certification with a Journalism and Public Relations minor. 
         SM  1100   Introduction to Sport Management (BUS/SM*) 3 cr.  Exploration and analysis of sport and recreation from philosophical, historical, and organizational perspectives. Introduction to the field of sport management, examining professional opportunities available, resume writing, and professional networking in the field. 
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