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Humane Studies Plan of Study

Humane Studies Minor
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Humane Studies Minor


   Minor Courses (20 cr. to be chosen)

      AGE 4010   Proposal Writing and Grant Administration (AGE*/EM/SOC) 3 cr.  Students will learn about the role of grants in agency funding and develop the basic skills needed to write a successful proposal to compete for funds from outside sources. Topics include: generating program ideas; researching funding sources; establishing and maintaining collaborative partnerships; proposal planning and development; establishing and analyzing program metrics; administration, reporting, and accounting for funds and program deliverables. 
      HUM 3210   Do Animals Matter? (HUM*/SSC) 3 cr.  Examination of ethical, cultural, aesthetic, and societal conceptualizations of animals and their impact on human-animal relations as well as on uses, treatment, and legal standing of animals. Issues are discussed through the lenses of humanities and social sciences within the framework of the Franciscan tradition. This course includes an academic service-learning project. 
      HUM 3410   Sustainability: Vision and Values (HUM*/RST/SOC) 3 cr.  Interdisciplinary overview of the concepts of sustainability, including its origins in spiritual traditions and its environmental, social, and economic dimensions. Allows for individualized exploration of topics such as food systems, climate, public policy, renewable energy, and green building. 
      HUM 4300   Humane Studies (HUM*/SSC) 3 cr.  An exploration of the interface between social justice, animal welfare, and environmental protection through the lenses of humanities and social sciences. Current issues are discussed within the framework of the Franciscan tradition. 
      RST 3100   Franciscan Values, Social Justice, and Service 3 cr.  Study of the life and legacy of Francis of Assisi as a prism for exploring social justice issues and the key Franciscan values not only essential to the Catholic perspective on the world and human existence, but also relevant to the perspectives of other religious traditions of the world. Analysis of the implications for addressing ecological responsibility and the call to justice, peace, and respect for all persons. 
      SOC 1300   Introduction to Community Leadership 1 cr.  Examination of various avenues to civic involvement and their importance in maintaining civil society, with an introduction to the communitarian philosophy and to principles and best practices in service-learning. Designed to prepare students to get the most out of their community service experiences. This course includes a 15-hour academic service-learning experience. 
      SOC 3120   Diversity, Discrimination, and Social Justice 3 cr.  Issues of diversity, discrimination, and social justice with particular attention given to institutions that provide human services (sociology, criminal justice, nursing, gerontology, social work, psychology, education): how marginalized populations (e.g. race/ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, social class, medical/mental disability) are socially constructed; how these groups have been affected in the contexts of social stratification; institutional and structural discrimination; how economic, political, and cultural systems pose challenges to these marginalized groups; exploration of possible solutions. 
      SOC 3710   Special Topics in Sociology 1 cr. (Not To Exceed 3 cr.)  Analyses of current issues and topics from a sociological perspective. Normally offered in a weekend format. 
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