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Exercise and Sport Science Plan of Study

Exercise and Sport Science Minor
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Exercise and Sport Science Minor


   Minor Courses (23 cr. to be chosen)

      NFS 2220   General Nutrition for the Health Professional 2 cr.  A study of nutrients in foods and their involvement in the function of human body systems. Health and nutrition throughout the lifespan is discussed. May not be used toward the Dietetics major or the majors or minor in Nutrition and Food Science. 
      NFS 2450   Sports Nutrition 2 cr.  This course examines the essentials of human nutrition that improve and sustain optimal performance for sport and exercise. Includes an emphasis on the nutritional concerns and common practices of recreational and competitive athletes. 
      PED 2100   Health Fitness Assessment 3 cr.  A comprehensive survey of the exercise-health relationship and framework for attaining health and fitness goals. This course explores the physiology and benefits of fitness while also providing information and tools for improving health and wellness. 
      PED 2280   First Aid and Safety 2 cr.  The cognitive and practical skills required for basic first aid, artificial respiration, and CPR; including accident and safety awareness and understanding the liability aspects of administering these skills. Extensive “hands-on” laboratory skills are emphasized to prepare for CPR (adult, infant, and child) and First Aid certification through the American Red Cross. 
      PED 2350   Kinesiology 2 cr.  Study of human movement based on anatomical and structural foundations. Emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and specific neural structures as they relate to patterns of movement and specific sport skills. Basic biomechanical principles and their applications to the field of physical education are also addressed. Prerequisite: BIO 2250. 
      PED 3300   Psychological Aspects of Fitness 3 cr.  Introduction to key concepts in the field of sport and exercise psychology. Personal factors that affect performance and psychological development in sport, physical education, and exercise settings. Situational factors that influence behavior, group interaction and processes, and use of psychological techniques to help people perform more effectively, as well as roles psychological factors play in health and exercise. Prerequisite: PSY 1010. 
      PED 3370   Cardio and Strength/Conditioning Training 3 cr.  In depth study of the effects of cardio training and strength training on the body. Modern techniques and training principles for cardio and strength training are discussed. 
      PED 3400   Physiology of Exercise 3 cr.  Muscular, metabolic, and cardio-respiratory adaptations of the human body to acute and chronic exercise. Includes laboratory exercises designed for examining physiological response to exercise. Prerequisite: BIO 2250. 
      PED 3700   Exercise Prescription for All Populations 3 cr.  Outlines why exercise is significant in the treatment and prevention of disease, advises students in considering proper exercise prescription protocols. Provides evidence-informed guidance on devising individual exercise programs for older adults, those with chronic diseases and other disabilities. Provides framework to help students understand and create wellness programs for weight control. Prerequisites: BIO 2450 and BIO 2460. 
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