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Art History Plan of Study

Art History Minor
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Art History Minor


   Minor Courses (21 cr. to be chosen)

      AED 3100   Visual Culture (AED*/AHIS) 3 cr.  Course scans the increasingly visual phenomena that influence the lives of twenty-first century people. Analytic tools of semiotics are used to look beyond the surface of visual communications to underlying content and motivations. 
      AHIS3240   Art History: Ancient to Renaissance 3 cr.  Investigation of art making across cultures from over 250,000 years of prehistory through the time of the early Renaissance. Multicultural artistic innovations across the world are charted chronologically. Using art history as a framework, human history is reflected back to us. 
      AHIS3270   Art History: Renaissance to 20th Century 3 cr.  Investigation of innovations in artwork across world cultures from the time of the Renaissance in Italy to art made across the globe in the early 20th century. 
      AHIS3350   Asian Art: India, China, Japan 3 cr.  Focused study on the paintings, sculpture, buildings, and landscape architecture of India, China, and Japan. Artifacts and aesthetics are correlated with historic, social, and cultural forces. Emphasis is on investigation of continuing traditions and new stylistic content. 
      AHIS4160   Art History: 20th Century to Contemporary 3 cr.  Investigation of international art breakthroughs from the 20th century to the present day. Beginning with art movements that influenced the development of modernism and other “avant-garde” concepts, continuing through to contemporary expressions in the visual arts, emphasis is placed on understanding historical and cultural contexts. 
      AHIS4260   History of Modern Design 3 cr.  Investigation of the development and impact of modern design as it emerged through the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and progressed through 20th century modernism, post-modernism, and the design trends of the 21st century. Aesthetics of modern design are analyzed, as are the philosophies and theories of the designers creating these. Students look at the relationship of design to technology, the needs of society, the environment, and industry. 
      AHIS4750   Studies in Art History 2 cr. (Not To Exceed 3 cr.)  Course allows independent research on a focused area of Art History study. Study topic, readings, research and meeting times are determined in collaboration with the instructor. Prerequisites: AHIS 3240, AHIS 3270. 
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